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"I never thought I needed a mentor but after all the support and knowledge I gained from Jeannetta. I cant believe I didn't do this sooner.  Excited for all the growth and change in my life!"

~ Lissette Flores

"Jeannetta Collier helped me focus and set career goals that I have never thought about or considered before. I realized some things just can't be learned without guidance."

~ Billy Young

"My time with Jeannetta has been extremely beneficial. It has made me re-focus on my priorities and future career objectives. This year has been a great experience and has proven to be a wealth of knowledge."

~ Robby McCullough

I knew what I needed to do in order to get it, but I didn't have the courage to go after it, to take the uncomfortable, foreign steps, to make my dreams come true.  Jeannetta  provided me the perfect mixture of Momma, motivational speaker, kick in the butt, and live-by-example.

KeeKee Berry
~Joshua 22:5~

I loved your event!  It was very well done and you had a great panel of speakers.   Your topic of conquering your own fears was an exceptional topic to talk about and inspire people!

David M.

My wife and I really enjoyed the event, Breaking Through FEAR.  We have no ideal that we would come away with such a driven spirit.  Thank you for your inspiration!  We can't wait for the next event.

Mark & Patricia G.


I and my sister attend your Breaking Through FEAR event in late 2017.  Because of your message, I was able to breakthrough my fear and started my business.  I launch Tea Time To Go in 2018!  I am thrilled that I attend your event, and not only did I launch my business, but my sister launched her business as well!  Thank you for your inspiration and guidance! - Belinda

Jeannetta, your event Breakthrough FEAR came “right on time” for me. I had been toying with the idea of starting a business but was not sure how to go about it. A friend told me about your event and I purchased a ticket at the last minute to attend. “I am so glad I did”! I walked out of your event with the knowledge and grit to go after my dream. I started my business my business as a photographer and business is booming. Thank you and I will be attending more of your events! - Erin P.

Thanks to you and IGC I went and completed my certification!  My business will open late 2018 and I already have a list of customers.  Thanks for a wonderful and informative event!  - Jonathan W.

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"Whatever you dream. You can do - do it" - Jeannetta




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