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The Best You: A 365 DAY Motivational Journey

Utilizing short motivational passages as springboards for guided journaling, entrepreneur, speaker, and author Jeannetta Collier provides 365 daily opportunities for personal growth in The Best You: A 365-Day Motivational Journey, coming soon from Redemption Press.

Starting with “Day 1” instead of a calendar date, The Best You invites readers to begin whenever they choose and move onward through the book—and a year’s worth of journaling opportunities—without the pressure of a schedule. Guided by poems, Bible verses, quotes, inspirational and motivational thoughts, and questions to answer, readers will journal their growth in love, wisdom, and strength while addressing their pain, understanding the process of healing, and impacting others through works of service and acts of love.

Harnessing the power of motivation, Collier encourages readers to begin each morning thoughtfully, allowing positivity to resonate throughout the rest of their day.

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Breaking Through Fear? The… Imaginary Glass Ceiling

Today I can proudly say, that I have accomplish more than I could ever imagine, but for a dream that was burning to be successful – my ideal of success.  As a little girl I was told that I could do whatever I dream I could do.  No one told me any different, therefore that was and is my reality.  Today some of my accomplishments includes having a successful real estate business closing over 100 million dollars over a period of 14 years. I currently own, co-own and or operate 5 successful business with more to come.



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