Jeannetta Collier on breaking through fear

Bob Weir and Jeannetta Collier (photo and video by Netsky Rodriguez)
Highland Village resident Jeannetta Collier is an entrepreneur, real estate expert, empowerment & motivational speaker, philanthropist, results coach and author. The following information was derived from material she provided for this article: During her motivational talks, Jeannetta brings her engaging personality, along with her powerful presence, to bring her audiences to the edge of their seats. In a speaking style that only she possesses, she will help you to the realization that your presence here on earth is more than space you currently occupy.

Jeannetta Collier has served or is currently serving on numerous boards, non-profit and for-profit organizations in the DFW area. She is the founder or partner of multiple businesses within various industries. “My goal is to impact as many lives as possible through positive works in the act of service. I firmly believe that we are here to serve and through service we as a people grow in knowledge and love.”

Jeannetta is the founder of Imaginary Glass Ceiling, an organization that helps you with empowerment through motivational speaking, results coaching, education and networking opportunities. The definition of the term glass ceiling is; an unacknowledged, and ultimately illegal, barrier to advancement, especially for women and people of color. The metaphor has been used since the 1980s when it was coined as a phrase indicating that many professional women could not break through the “glass ceiling” to the upper level of management. “This company was birthed out of the simple joy of wanting everyone to live up to their full potential,” she said. Jeannetta is also the author of “Imaginary Glass Ceiling” and “The Best You – A 365 day motivational journey.”

Ms. Collier goes on to say, “My passion is to help entrepreneurs all over the world to step into their own. I can do that by providing a personalized solution with proven strategies, through educational and networking opportunities, along with that one-on-one mentor you’re looking for,” she added. With more than 25 years experience in business and the corporate world, the spirit of entrepreneurism has a special place in Jeannetta’s heart. Moreover, her spirit is not confined to the benefits of business success. “Being involved in my community is one of my many passions. I have served on numerous boards & commissions and non-profits organizations.” Ms. Collier was also a candidate for the Highland Village Council a few years ago.

A passage from her website below: “Like many of you, I have accomplished many things throughout my life. At the young age of 19, I had my only daughter and decided to go off to college. While attending college, I worked as a singer in a nightclub, modeled on runway and print. A few years later I moved out of state and got married. That is when I began working for a global real estate franchise corporation. Soon after, I had my son and about 15 years later I moved my family back to Texas. After moving, my career took off. I became an entrepreneur, started multiple businesses, dipped into politics, and well, the list truly goes on and on and on.”

During the interview, Jeannetta talks about some of her other passions. “I love life, reading, world travel and beautiful shining things.” Check out her website:

Bob Weir is a former NYPD officer, long-time Flower Mound resident and former local newspaper editor.


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“Whatever you dream. You can do – do it” – Jeannetta 

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